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Learn how ethics, communication, and personal responsibility form the foundation of every successful enterprise.

“I highly recommend this dynamic and insightful speaker.”
Bill Martinez, Nationally syndicated radio host

“Exhilarating, stimulating, full of life and life’s lessons… a joy to listen to.”
Lawrence M. Poger, CLU, Life Member, Million Dollar Round Table, St. Louis

“BRILLIANT… I was blown away.  Bravo!”
Crane Durham, Nationally syndicated radio host

“Highly intelligible [with] a sense of humor that works well engaging audiences.”
Peter H. Raven, President Emeritus, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis

“My listeners loved you.
Gail Fallen, Radio host, News/Talk 1310 KFKA Radio (Greeley, CO)

“Original and articulate insights… with thoughtful analysis that is always spot on.”
James Lowe, Radio host, KJAGRadio/ KMA Entertainment (Hutchinson, Kansas)

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Programs and Presentations

Whose Face is that in my Mirror?    Creating a culture of engagement, loyalty, and prosperity by seeing ourselves as others see us

The Schizophrenia of Success  How to see obstacles as opportunities

The Selfishness of Altruism  Staying real in the virtual world and benefiting ourselves by serving others

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What are your ethical imperatives?

How do you change the culture of an organization?

How do leaders inspire?

How do you improve employee morale?

How do organizations create an ethical climate?

How do you make employees feel valued?


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I’m revisiting this essay, originally published by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Father’s Day, 2001, to observe the third anniversary of my father’s passing.  In a generation when respect is so rare and undervalued, it is more timely than ever. By continuing to learn the lessons of those who influenced us, we honor them and keep them alive. I […]

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How I became Prime Minister of Japan and nearly achieved world peace. A college senior’s experience in an upper-division seminar in sociology depends primarily on one factor: the professor. I had the best. I had never had an instructor like Professor Dukes. On the surface, he often didn’t seem to…

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Just because someone is uncouth or disagrees with us does not make him evil. Fighting fire with fire is only likely to increase strife.

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