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Main Keynote:  Whose Face is that in my Mirror? 
Creating a culture of engagement, loyalty, and prosperity by seeing ourselves as others see us

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

That iconic line, delivered by Paul Newman in his Oscar-nominated role as Cool Hand Luke, describes one of the most persistent problems in personal and business relationships.  All too often, we don’t mean what we say and we don’t say what we mean.  Even worse, we don’t know when others are being honest with us or if it’s safe to be honest with them.  Worst of all, sometimes we aren’t honest with ourselves.

In any community — whether corporate, congregational, or civic — the secret of success lies in creating a culture of mutual commitment, cooperation, and trust.  And it all depends on clear and honest communication — which starts when we recognize that others often see us very differently from how we see ourselves:

  • Do we act appreciative or entitled?
  • Do we offer counsel or belittlement?
  • Do we inspire confidence or suspicion?

Awareness of how we come across to others allows us to forge healthy relationships, promote productive meetings, and transform a group of individuals into a cohesive team.  This keynote will give you:

  • Entertaining stories and real world examples of ethical conflicts
  • A guide to foster cooperative spirit when dealing with others
  • A strategy for holding ourselves to a higher standard of personal responsibility

Why choose Yonason Goldson for your event?  Because his presentation will leave you with:

  • A road-map for enhancing engagement, loyalty, and productivity
  • The skills to develop ethical speaking and thinking
  • The motivation to apply the principles of ethical communication for personal and professional success

Cultural Ethics — How diversity can bring us together and make us stronger

Have you ever wondered why opposites attract?  There’s a reason why we dream of exotic places and find fascination in fantasy.  But when the unknown gets too close for comfort, enchantment quickly turns into anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  The differences between us provide endless opportunities for collaboration and success.  Explore how changing our mindset toward differences can change our fortunes and our future.

The Selfishness of Altruism  Staying real in the virtual world and benefiting ourselves by serving others

Can we make decisions without information?  Can we trust the information on which we base our decisions?  Can we trust ourselves to think clearly and objectively if we don’t even know where our own ideas come from?  As the world around us becomes increasingly virtual, we need to find ways of staying grounded.  As society becomes increasingly disconnected, we need a plan to preserve the connections that will keep us emotionally healthy.  

We think the answer is to balance our own needs against the needs of others, to give and take in equal measure.  But that model is incomplete.  When we do what’s best for all of us, automatically we are doing what’s best for ourselves.  We just have to learn to look past the deception of short-term advantage and recognize the reality of long-term prosperity.

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