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Rabbi Yonason Goldson and I have been collaborating on weekly segments of “Bellows Unplugged” since November 2015.  Rabbi Goldson is able to take complex subject matter and make it understandable and relevant to our challenging livesEach week, I look forward with great anticipation to our next on-air meeting.

Clint Bellows
Host, Bellows Unplugged
660 AM & 94.5 FM KCRO (Omaha)

Steve Curtis


bill martinez

Yonason Goldson continues to be a repeat guest on Bill Martinez Live when discussing two critical impact areas of today’s culture in America, communications and ethics.  Communications without ethics is hopeless and a waste of time.  It only defeats our very reason we need to communicate.  His message is experienced and wisdom based and I highly recommend this dynamic and insightful speaker.

Bill Martinez
Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

Steve Gruber

Yonason Goldson has been a regular contributor to my program, The Steve Gruber Show for several years. His insight is always timely, well researched and relevant. Yonason delivers with an engaging conversation style no matter the topic. Not only has he been a wealth of information for the listeners he has also been a key source of critical insight for myself as well. His practical and pragmatic approach to complex problems is always well worth considering.

Ivey Gruber

Executive Producer

Wash U Flyer

Dear Rabbi Goldson,

It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate you [on] your excellence as a speaker.  I am sure that with your ability to speak so clearly on substantive concepts and to present them in a useful and highly intelligible way that you are able to speak in an engaging and informative way on many topics, an impression I also have from your published works.   You have a very pleasing way of speaking and a sense of humor that works well in engaging your audiences.  I also admired the way in which you connected facts and concepts and used your mastery of the subject to field a good range of questions from the audience in a skillful way.

Peter H. Raven, President Emeritus
Missouri Botanical Garden
St. Louis, MO


We benefited from Rabbi Goldson’s insightful examples that both complemented the other speakers’ remarks and extended our own knowledge.

Professor Himadri Pakrasi
Director, I-CARES
Washington University in St. Louis


Allwrite Program

Rabbi Goldson, It was a tremendous honor to have you here. Your reading was one of the week’s highlights, and the students have really been buzzing about your appearance. I hope you will consider being with us again!

Steve Leftridge
Program Coordinator
St. Louis AllWrite Festival

Andy Caldwell




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Dear Rabbi Goldson,

THANK YOU! YOU’RE BRILLIANT; I appreciated your thoughtful, concise answers. I especially enjoyed  the manner in which you delivered them. I would like to do this again and hope you would be willing. I was blown away by your … closing statement/advice.  Bravo!”

Crane Durham
Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
“Nothing but the Truth”

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