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Wish you were here

wish-you-were-here.jpgThere’s a sparrow in the apple orchard

Sipping dandelion wine,

Singing of a memory,

A dream I had, that you were mine.


There’s a tulip in an onion field,

A sane word in a Van Gogh print

Seen only by dark eyes that hold

Fiery sparks from virgin flint.


There’s a dewdrop on a spider’s web,

That glistens in the setting sun

A whisper from the checkered past

That all we are can be undone.


There’s a heartbeat in the catacomb

A sign of life beyond the pale

A furtive breath, a wistful sigh,

To set the course and fill the sail.


There’s no answer, there’s no sound at all,

No voice, just echoes in the dark;

Who else could know but you and I:

It is from here that we embark.


Published in this month’s issue of The Wagon Magazine.

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